Hello #dreamchasers, This has been a really hectic time, but I’m coming to understand that almost every point in my life will be “hectic”. As you know (or may not know) I am enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B-school! And that has been the most glorious, eye-opening experience ever. I’ve met some really amazing people so […]


Howdy #dreamchasers! I’ve been learning quite a lot as a student of Marie Forleo’s B-school. One thing I’ve come to learn is that a lot of my readers are also bloggers, like me! Or thinking about blogging. If you have been considering starting your own blog, I want to totally encourage you! Blogging has opened […]


My Spring Break + the BEST “Let it Go” cover

March 15, 2014

Hey #dreamchasers, Sorry for lack of update! This spring break has been exhausting with my father’s memorial, going on my first ever mission trip to El Paso, Tx, and my cousin’s wedding in a few hours (with a wedding party last night). Ok, so the whole point of this blog is for me to share […]

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3 Reasons Your Why Is Showing

March 7, 2014

Has anyone ever asked you to define your “why?”. If you’re familiar with Simon Sinek, you know what I’m referring to. Simon popularized the importance of defining your “why” — the reason why you are pursuing your hobby/business/whatever.   I used to think this was totally stupid. I thought “Uh, duh. Of course I know […]

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Can We Just Talk About Lupita Nyong’o Real Quick?

March 3, 2014

As an african girl with nappy, kinky hair with dreams that have a history of not being granted for people “like me (not just race , nationality or gender-wise)”, I have to take pause and just absorb the joy and giftedness Lupita Nyong’o success is creating for all women with impossible dreams. No matter where […]

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How to Stay Positive with a Sprouts Journal

March 1, 2014

Hey #dreamchasers!   Have you been trying to “stay positive” but struggling? You’ve tried yoga, meditation, the clicker method (www.billionclicks.org), and more? I’ve got something else for you to try. It might help. Surprisingly, its starting to work for me. Check out the video here: And leave me a comment letting me know the 5 […]

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You Relate To This? (P.S. Looking for co-bloggers)

February 24, 2014

Do you really relate to this scene? Or this clip? I am noticing a trend here. So there is a generation gap that I am straddling now. Women who are entering their 30s (or will soon) who really love and appreciate positive thinking, self-love and motivation — things like this picture and… Women who spend […]

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When ADHD Helps You Win a Scholarship

February 22, 2014

You guys, my heart is just … flooded. Absolutely… FLOODED with…. BLISS. Just sheer bliss.   You know exactly what I mean. If you’ve ever had a desire so strong… so strong for so many years. And you were denied or failed over and over… until one day…   I won!!   Watch my reaction […]

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[Scholarship & Giveaway Contest!] When You Put Yourself Out There…

February 16, 2014

What’s up #dreamchasers? I’m having my first give-away contest this week because I need your help to win a scholarship! Read all the way down for more info. So, I must say that this week has been nerve-wracking for me because I put myself “out there” in multiple ways in such a short period of […]

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Do Your Best at What You Love. That’s it.

February 14, 2014

Happy valentine’s day! I think I’m settling on updating this blog every Friday. And it happens to be Valentine’s Day! Time for self-love and plenty of pats on the back. I want to share with you some of my activities of my crazy week. I was in A LOT of multi-cultural dances for my school’s […]

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