Interracial Dating when You’re an Immigrant?

Y’all, I am going through it.

My family is Nigerian, but I was raised in the US. The expectations of my older generation simply do not match the expectations and desires of my own. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said, essentially, each generation should have a revolution — because our values will not match what used to be.

I happen to cherish interracial dating, despite the opinions of some of my elders. It’s hard. Some immigrant parents are more lax than others, but stricter parents are more difficult to manage. You always want approval from your parents — but how do you get to be yourself and foster that acceptance at the same time?

In the mean time, we girls talked about it. My friend and I decided to start a series called #ShadesofSahara — opinions from Africans (from all over the continent, even white Africans) about our experience in the world.

Check out 3 Nigerian girls talking about dating other Nigerians (and non-Nigerians)

Ever Wanted to Try Mediterranean Diet?

When I was traveling to Guatemala for medical mission work, one of the physicians was keen on following a Mediterranean diet. He was actually the first person I had ever met who was so dedicated to it, let alone understood its principles! Even in a foreign country, it was easy for him to follow his mediterranean diet plan.

Watch this video created by my classmates, myself, and the awesome Andrei of Atoms Collide Productions explaining how easy it is to follow a mediterranean diet plan.


So incase you didn’t catch that, here are the basic principles to eating Mediterranean. Just follow these tips to make it a bit easier.

  • Lots of vegetables. The more colors, the better!
  • Replace meat with fish and seafood! Canned salmon is my life saver.
  • Healthy fats and proteins from nuts and seeds are integral. Start snacking on them or adding them to meals.
  • Eat whole grains! That means whole wheat bread and pasta. Brown rice. Oats. You get the picture.
  • Take in and give as much love as you can! Hugs, positive people, fun dinner dates, physical activities that are fun — feed your soul and your body!

I wanna hear from you! Have you ever thought about eating Mediterranean? If so, it’s time to declare it and share your first step to following the principles.

Much love, internet!

- U

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