You’re All Grown Up Now, Kid

How do you know when you’re grown up?

I remember feeling and thinking this for the first time when I turned 21. “I can drink legally, now! I’m an adult in almost all ways. Sure, i can’t rent a car, but… I’m close enough!” And yet, I still felt young, naive and helpless. And I’m sure many of my more mature readers would agree. People were still referring to me as “youngun” “kid” “girl” and it felt like the world made it “ok” for me to make stupid mistakes. Like it was expected for me to not know or understand things in life.

I’m now 25. Almost 26. Which means I have to get off my mom’s insurance. Okay, that means I have to understand what the heck you need insurance for and how it works.

Building credit.

Paying debts.

Side jobs.

Working an 8 to 5. By the way, how exactly do you schedule doctor’s appointments when the doctor’s office is only open during the times you’re working?



The list goes on.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m cut out for this.

For the past few months, I’ve bonded with some incredible women from all ages. I’m starting to realize that you never really “grow up”. You just grow more into yourself. And right now, I’m doing a lot of growing.

Sharing of the heart. How about you? Do you think you ever feel officially “grown up”? Leave a comment below and let’s have a conversation!

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