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Natural Hair without the Wait

Natural Hair Extension

A few weekends ago, there was a Natural Hair expo here in Dallas, TX that really blew my mind. I learned that in the 90s that 80+% of black women used chemical relaxers in their hair. Today, in the 2010’s that number has dropped to 27%. Whoa. The natural hair movement has come back full force.

However, I remember even as late as 2014, it was a struggle for me to find hair extensions, weaves, or wigs that matched my hair texture. I was natural and the world knew it. But I wanted to be all #longhairdontcare. At the natural hair expo, I met the creators of some awesome brands. Check out this list below (hopefully in time for black friday and cyber monday ;D):

Her Given Hair

A photo posted by hergivenhair (@hergivenhair) on

This line is awesome. The hair textures truly look like our tight type 3 and type 4 hair texture (even us 4C chicks). Human hair. She sells weft hair, clip in hair, and CLOSURES (praise the lawd). However, I wish she sold wigs, too. However, I think this line has the best quality of kinky type 4 textures out there.

Kinky Curly Yaki

This line was the first human hair line I found that catered to our hair texture. They have more variety in that they have different textures of afro-textured straight hair, type 3 and type 4. Same options as HGH — weft hair, clip ins, and closures. Unfortunately, no pre-made wigs.

Heat Free Hair

This one is also a quality human hair company, just like the previous two. What makes this company stand out is that they… have… WIGS! However, the wigs are quite pricey. But if you’re a woman who must have quality, this is the place.

King Me Hair

Same deal here. Human hair. She also has wigs! Less expensive than Heat Free and they are full lace! Her wigs are totally on my wish list 😉 Plus, I love that the creator stays up to date with her youtube videos.

Finger Comber

A photo posted by Fingercomber (@fingercomber) on

This line is not human hair, unfortunately, but it has the largest variety of natural hair wigs I’ve ever seen (including kinky straight, so let me pause and snatch that boo up right now. So about that kinky straight life). I’ve actually bought a couple of wigs from them and it fools EVERYONE.

Curl Kalon

This company sells pre-curled hair for crotchet. I first heard about this at a friend’s baby shower. One of her friends had the MOST AMAZING curls I’d ever seen. I was staring trying to figure out how she did it. Her hairdresser was there and gave me a link to this company. When they came to town, I snatched up my first few boxes and installed it. Stay tuned for a blog post/youtube video review. Let me just tell you up front, the compliments are never ending! This hair is a conversation starter everywhere I go.

Honorable Mentions

The following are links to more natural textured hair websites I know of, but haven’t had any personal experiences with (either with the hair or the creators). But totally worth mentioning so you know they exist! And if you have any other additions, make sure you leave a comment so I can put it in this post!

Quick Tip: Taking Care of Your Natural Extensions

Most of the companies I shared with you are 100% human hair. Which means you have to take care of it just like real, natural hair. I made the mistake of purchasing type 4C hair and treating it like synthetic. It was a huge, matted, knotted, got-to-cut-it-off mess! At the natural hair expo, I saw the creator of Obia Naturals, a fellow naija business girl who’s products support hair health and hair curl! Take care of your natural hair and the extensions with her products which you can buy at this link.

A photo posted by Obia (@obianaturalhair) on

A trial pack of the products are available at my amazon store, here. If you shop, I’ll earn a commission. :)

xoxo U. Happy Thanksgiving. Everyday alive is another chance to be thankful and be glad in it.

The Art of Taking a Break

Take a break.

I know it sounds so absurd, but you need one.

Take this blog post for example. Notice the complete abandon of proper SEO optimization or use of an eye-catching pinterest-worthy image. Note how many F’s are not given. Because I’m taking a break from doing all the “right things” bloggers “should” do.

Because I need to take a break from the things that are just not that important to me.

And I also need to take a break from the things that feel, at times, TOO important to me. And I highly recommend it for other ‘girls after college’.

I was driving myself insane

I graduated exactly 3 month ago. August 7th. Right after my “graduation”, I drove to my alma mater, Southern Methodist University and walked into the career center. “I graduated today and I need a job.” From day one, I hit the pavement looking for the perfect work situation for me — an ambitious master-degree level educated woman with the world at her finger tips.

I thought this would be easy. I was so so wrong. 3 months later, I landed the jobs I needed. But I was absolutely disheartened every. step. of. the. way.

Everyday, I prepared to have my heart and will broken in one way or another. But I kept going because I had a goal I loved more than my precious ego. And that can take a toll. So it is time for a break.

No more job applications. No more cover letters. I’m taking a break from something that was becoming TOO important to me — I wasn’t sleeping and I wasn’t eating. I was just obsessing over finding a job. I’m taking a break from several other things, as well. Because they are not important ENOUGH. Proper blogging techniques for this website is just not important enough anymore. Going on multiple dates, also on the back burner.

We are not merely resting on our laurels.

Rest is important. Just as your physical body needs a rest day from work outs to grow stronger and just like your mind needs sleep and rest in between study sessions to really learn information — you need a break.

How did I know I needed a break? And from what?

When I finally achieved some of my goal and I didn’t have the drive to push through the exhaustion anymore. When I focused on my ‘felt sense’ and responded to it honestly. When I was inspired by the other things in my life I had been ignoring. When my friend who’s been helping me with the job hunt concurred with “I was just about to tell you to go on a break”

What I’m saying is I knew I needed a break because

  • I had positive results and the motivation that helped me push through exhaustion was gone
  • I had a shift of priorities and other ideas that I felt were becoming more important than the previous priorities
  • I re-focused on what I want. Included how I wanted to feel. Right now, I want to feel like I’ve come back to life.
  • I had a support system who was able to look at me and my situation objectively and provide loving advice from that view point

Okay, we’ll take a break but — is it really okay?


Yes. It is okay. In fact, it is now a must for me. It is something I expect. Life ebbs and flows like this. Priorities, events, emotions — your life — comes and goes in seasons. In fact, I am putting this in my calendar so I can start tracking what my life’s natural cycle is like so I can plan for it.

Not convinced that it’s okay to just — not do things that you “could” or “should” do? Watch this gem.

So my friend, take a break.

Cordial blessing,

xoxo Udo

Ready to Try a New Way to Meditate?

focusing felt sense meditation

I just got back from a retreat with my NLP-based coaching program, Transformational Coaching Method. This retreat really opened my heart in several ways, but one of the most awesome nuggets.

Wait, why meditate?

Okay, I think we all know by now how meditation is beneficial. We’ve seen the studies. We’ve read the books. But we still don’t do it.

I was at my wits end after graduation (oops, did I fail to mention I graduated? Blog post on that coming soon). I had so much creativity and passion and yearning inside of me, but I felt all over the place. I decided to commit to meditating. Kind of like when you commit to eating more fruits and vegetables because you know it’s good for you. Yea. I wasn’t happy to do it, I just knew I had to do it.

I want to truly know myself and what I’m great at. And what I’m put on this earth to do. And to have the mental capacity to fulfill it. And all the amazing miracles that meditation sounds like it could provide.

When I ‘stumbled’ on this new form of meditation, it felt amazing. It actually made meditation pleasurable. Like getting to know yourself in a totally different way.

Focusing on a Felt Sense

I learned that this technique is called “Focusing”. To my surprise, there isn’t much online that details how to do it (except for wikiHow… thanks, wikiHow). I found myself able to do it naturally during an exercise at the retreat. I didn’t know it had a name until my new friend, Valerie Green, relationship coach, explained to me the basic steps. Take a seat and watch my latest youtube video. Let’s do it together:


How do you feel?

After I do this form of meditation, I feel a little bit more powerful than when I first sat down. I feel more capable and more in touch with myself and who I am. I feel like I just made a subconscious step forward towards my dreams and goals.

Afterwards, I like to pray a prayer of gratitude for new understandings I gained and the peace I feel.

I can’t guarantee anything

I can’t tell you “Do this for 30 days and your entire life will be changed” because I’ve been doing it for 2 weeks, tops. Haha! I’m the first blogger I know of to post about this, but I guess time will tell how well this form of meditation works for someone like me. Who know? It might be good for someone like you, too.


Let’s connect!

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