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Is Your Foreign Name Keeping You From Getting a Job?

I’m reading Chimamanda’s novel Americanah and somewhere in chapter 30-something, her characters start talking about Obama’s election campaign. It brought back memories of the early 2000’s in which people would ask “Is America ready for a black president?” At the time, I thought that question was insane — a self-limiting belief for a nation to hold. That racism was so blatant and ubiquitous that it would prevent us from having a president darker than a paper lunch bag. Why would...

Natural Hair without the Wait

  A few weekends ago, there was a Natural Hair expo here in Dallas, TX that really blew my mind. I learned that in the 90s that 80+% of black women used chemical relaxers in their hair. Today, in the 2010’s that number has dropped to 27%. Whoa. The natural hair movement has come back full force. However, I remember even as late as 2014, it was a struggle for me to find hair extensions, weaves, or wigs that matched...

The Art of Taking a Break

Take a break. I know it sounds so absurd, but you need one. Take this blog post for example. Notice the complete abandon of proper SEO optimization or use of an eye-catching pinterest-worthy image. Note how many F’s are not given. Because I’m taking a break from doing all the “right things” bloggers “should” do. Because I need to take a break from the things that are just not that important to me. And I also need to take a break from...