Do you have too many goals?

too many goals overwhelmHi internets!

If you’re anything like me, the new year leaves a fresh blank slate feeling in your heart. Kind of like the smell of freshly done laundry. And it’s easy to get over-zealous, over-optimistic, and over-ambitious. Especially if you’re a multi-passionate kinda lady (like me), it is super easy to fall into this. You want to correct all the wrongs from the last year. Do all the things you wish you had done.

Maybe you’ve been doing this for years, but how far has that gotten you?

Okay, take just a moment to thank yourself for how far you’ve come thus far. But are you still wishing you were “somewhere else”? Do you still feel like you’re not at the level you wanted to be or “should be”?

I’m proposing one reason why you may be feeling stuck. You might actually have too many goals.


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