Ever Wanted to Try Mediterranean Diet?

Hi internet!

When I was traveling to Guatemala for medical mission work, one of the physicians was keen on following a Mediterranean diet. He was actually the first person I had ever met who was so dedicated to it, let alone understood its principles!

Watch this video created by my classmates, myself, and the awesome Andrei of Atoms Collide Productions explaining how easy it is to follow this diet.


So incase you didn’t catch that, here are the basic principles to eating Mediterranean. Just follow these tips to make it a bit easier.

  • Lots of vegetables. The more colors, the better!
  • Replace meat with fish and seafood! Canned salmon is my life saver.
  • Healthy fats and proteins from nuts and seeds are integral. Start snacking on them or adding them to meals.
  • Eat whole grains! That means whole wheat bread and pasta. Brown rice. Oats. You get the picture.
  • Take in and give as much love as you can! Hugs, positive people, fun dinner dates, physical activities that are fun — feed your soul and your body!

I wanna hear from you! Have you ever thought about eating Mediterranean? If so, it’s time to declare it and share your first step to following the principles.

Much love, internet!

- U

#DearMe Advice to my 16 year old self

Dear me from 10 years ago,

How’s it going? I know, kind of crappy right? Well, hopefully the advice I give you will help ease the crapload off your shoulders (and anyone else who may be reading).

First, everything she says in her #dearme. Do it.

More seriously, watch this. And believe it.

Now, ready to hear what I have to say? (more…)

Have an epic spring break!

GuatemalaWanted to let y’all know that I am going on a bit of a hiatus for spring break! And I have no shame in saying that.

You know the struggle is real. Being a full-time student, earning money, AND trying to grow a passion project (one which you’re not quite sure of the outcome and that constantly makes you want to ‘change your mind’ or ‘figure yourself out’).

However, I treck on because of two things:

#1 – I finally feel like I’m not alone.

After discovering what the hell #bossbabe is, among other inspiring millenial chick movements, I finally feel like I’m not the only one with this seemingly impossible dream. Of living a life where…¬†well, your business is your life. And your life is your business. Because you’re getting paid to be who you are and dive into your passions and what you do best.

#2 – I can be totally honest.

So, in my last clinical rotation, my preceptor told me about a podcast called The Fizzle where these guys just have honest conversations about being in online business. The keyword here is HONEST. If they didn’t know what they were doing, that was the point. That they were honest, they’d figure it out, and take you along for the ride.


So I unabashedly do the same. And ask, what will you be doing for spring break?

If you’re no longer in school, will you take a hiatus? How will you spend it?

I’m going to Guatemala for a medical mission trip. No, it’s not unusual to spend your spring break doing something awesome. There are thousands of other students who like an adventure and giving a helping hand during their breaks.



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